Wellbutrin For Anxiety

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Wellbutrin For Anxiety

Some Things You Must Know As Precaution Before Using Wellbutrin For Anxiety

In a modern era and surrounded by technological sophistication to facilitate human life seems to be inversely proportional to human mental health, especially in adults. Because in fact according to some large-scale case studies found that anxiety disorders dominate most adult populations in Hong Kong and North America. So it can not be denied if in most western countries many people who have been taking sedatives and mood control drugs such as Xanax, Zoloft, and others. Although these drugs will certainly cause side effects that actually cause discomfort in some people. In fact for some people, these drugs can cause sexual dysfunction and also weight gain. Therefore in the medical world is available another drug known as Wellbutrin. But the usefulness of Wellbutrin for anxiety itself is not really the main purpose of the production of this drug.

Wellbutrin itself known as Bupropion which is a generic type of this drug. Where Basically Wellbutrin is used for severe cases of mental disorders such as bipolar accompanied by the appearance of episodes of depression. Because the main purpose of this drug use to control moods that change rapidly in patients with bipolar. However, it should be noted that this drug is also not intended to be given to patients who are only diagnosed with bipolar disorder without being followed by episodes of depression. In addition, this drug can also be used to overcome the symptoms of ADHD with the intensity of frequent occurrence. Use of Wellbutrin is preferred because it does not cause sexual dysfunction and also does not affect a person’s weight. But in fact, some patients had reported an increase in the sense of anxiety when Wellbutrin consumed in large doses. Therefore, usually, the doctor will give a small dose to overcome the depressive disorder accompanied by a little feeling anxious. Nevertheless, the use of this drug also must always consult your doctor. Because you will feel some side effects such as nausea, increased urination, dizziness, buzzing in the ears, decreased sex drive, headache, and sore throat and excessive anxiety. So it is obvious that the notion of Wellbutrin for anxiety is wrong.


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