The Utilization Of Medical Marijuana For Anxiety

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It is unfortunate that most people to this day assume that an excessive sense of anxiety is not something that needs to be taken seriously. Though in fact, the constant feeling of anxiety in someone is a sign that a person may have an anxiety disorder. This anxiety disorder is one type of disorder that has entered into the category of psychiatric disorders because it can cause various other negative impacts on our body for both mental health and physical health. Indeed, in the diagnosis of a person, especially in adulthood can be said to experience this disorder when anxiety persists for at least six months followed by various other symptoms. So indeed when we experience anxiety not necessarily we can say that the anxiety arises because we are exposed to anxiety disorders. Because in practice anxiety disorder is caused by two main factors namely physiological factors derived from within ourselves and also environmental factors that come from outside the human self. Treatment to overcome this anxiety disorder is also dominated by the application of cognitive therapy that is useful to control the mindset for anxiety. In addition, treatment with various types of antidepressant medications is also necessary for patients with high anxiety. One type of chemical treatment that is now widely used overseas is medical marijuana for anxiety which is mainly used by several clinics in Canada. Therefore this article will discuss some of the impacts that can be caused by anxiety disorders and the efficacy of marijuana in overcoming anxiety.

Before discussing medical marijuana for anxiety it is better if you understand some serious impact that will arise if an anxiety disorder is not immediately addressed. The first thing you need to know is that your own anxiety disorder actually consists of a wide variety of types based on the main stimulus of anxiety trigger and anxiety symptoms that are felt. The following types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Serious treatment is necessary for patients with anxiety disorders because the anxiety will cause other disorders.

The first common disorder is sleep disturbance or insomnia.  When a person continues to feel anxious and uneasy then automatically the brain will also continue to think of things that make sense that the body can not reach the stage of relaxation. Whereas we know that feeling relaxed and relaxed is needed to have good sleep quality. Subsequent disorders that may arise from excessive anxiety is the difficulty in social relationships with others. Because people who are overwhelmed with great anxiety are more likely to be alone because they fear that bad things will happen if they do activities outside or in the middle of the crowd. These impacts will certainly be very detrimental and disruptive in carrying out daily activities. Although not widely known by people, it seems that anxiety can indeed be reduced by the use of medical marijuana for anxiety. This is because marijuana contains a chemical compound called cannabidiol, where it is found in many types of cannabis plants. These compounds proved to be able to control the anxiety and have no side effects such as feeling high paranoia. Therefore, the use of marijuana to reduce anxiety is worth trying.

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