The Classification Of ICD 10 Depression And Anxiety

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ICD 10 Depression And Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is one of the mental disorders that are basically dominated by the presence of anxiety or fear on a very large scale in human self. Where a person with the disorder can not know and understand the things that can cause anxiety to arise. Because in people with the disorder of anxiety, anxiety will appear in various types of situations even though in positive situations. In general, anxiety in a person with this disorder will be accompanied by disturbing psychosomatic symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headache, weakness, trembling body, loss of consciousness, palpitations, chest pain, and shortness of breath. So that most patients with an anxiety disorder are also followed by other intercurrent disorders such as depression. Basically, anxiety and depression disorders are two different types of disorders. However, because most cases found a link between the two types of this disorder has now been approved as ICD 10 depression and anxiety.

In the guidebook of diagnosis of psychological disorders, ICD 10 depression and anxiety are classified into code F41 which is then subdivided into two classifications based on the severity of anxiety disorder and depression. The first classification of F34.1 is persistent anxiety-depression in which anxiety disorder that appears will be constantly accompanied by the presence of depression. Then the second classification of F41.8 is anxiety depression that is not persistent where anxiety that arises is not always accompanied by the presence of depression. Depression itself basically has a very different effect on the patient when compared with anxiety disorders. In anxiety disorders, a person is still said to have the energy to perform daily activities although the results will not be maximal because of anxiety that interferes. While someone with depression tends to be lethargic and has no energy or interest to perform daily activities. Because the self-sufferers of depression will be dominated by feelings of helplessness itself. As well as a bad faith in his future so no effort is made. It is therefore important to understand the connection between both disorders in order to get the most appropriate treatment.


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