The Best Strains For Anxiety And Depression

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Best Strains For Anxiety And Depression

The Best Strains For Anxiety And Depression With Less Side Effect

Many may not know, that the cannabis plant has benefits in various medical fields when used in accordance with its dose. Who would have thought that a plant that had been synonymous with these negative things had an ability that counteracted several types of diseases such as depression and excessive anxiety ?. This article will discuss best strains for anxiety and depression without side effects.

The first best strain for anxiety and depression is the White Widow (Sativa dominant Marijuana Hybrid), is a good plant to treat anxiety and depression. White Widow is a hybrid of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa commonly used for patients with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Furthermore, there is Sour OG plant which is also a hybrid plant from the cross Sour Diesel and OG Kush is usually used for patients who suffered stress and depression is sufficient and can be used for patients who have less appetite resulting in symptoms of malnutrition.
There is also a plant called Cherry pie, a funny and cute name huh? But this plant is still included in the classification of cannabis plants and is usually used in psychiatric patients due to environmental stress around him and result in stress and a lot of thought. This plant itself can also reduce a headache suffered by patients due to too much thought. And the last one is Grandaddy Purple, is a crop of crosses from Purple Urkle and Big Bud. And called purple because this plant has little flavor and aroma of grapes due to the cross. This plant is commonly used for patients suffering from stress and also insomnia. And this plant is also able to cure insomnia and also increase appetite if the patient suffers from lack of appetite. That’s some kind of best strains for anxiety and depression that you can find quite easily on the market.

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