The Benefit Using Trazodone For Anxiety

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Trazodone For Anxiety

As we know that every human must be equipped with various types of emotions that exist. Where the emotion can be felt in accordance with the situation being faced at a certain time. For example, at the time of school graduation then a normal person will feel happy emotions that can be marked with a blushing face, smiling, laughing until there is often a happy cry. In addition, when a person loses the person he or she loves, the emotion that will appear and be felt is a sad emotion. Such sad emotions can also be known from the facial expressions that tend to be glum, gloomy eyes, and crying. In addition to the happy and sad emotions that we have often experienced, there is another type of emotion that must be experienced by all people during his life, which is anxious emotions. Actually anxious emotions or feelings of misgivings is very natural experienced because of the stimulus of a situation. For example, someone is nervous when performing in public so he could feel anxiety that marked by the release of cold sweat, cold hands, and heartburn in the abdomen. But sometimes these anxious emotions can actually be a disturbance in the human self when it appears in excessive portions. Usually, a psychiatrist will suggest the use of trazodone to control it. But before you know more about the benefits of trazodone for anxiety, then it’s good if you know the difference between normal anxiety and anxiety disorders.

Basically, anxiety is something that very normal and commonly experienced by all people of all ages. Probably not many realize that this anxiety has arisen in the early days of human life. Such as a crying baby when he is separated by his attachment figures as his mother or father. Cries on the baby are one of the responses that are formed from the feeling of anxiety because the baby can not see the figure. But this feeling of anxiety can be a serious mental disorder in human beings when this feeling is far more dominant and affects various aspects of everyday’s life. Anxiety will continue to be felt in various types of situations even not infrequently a person will still feel anxious though the stimulus is something positive and exciting. A person who has an anxiety disorder will feel a feeling of fear and excessive depression on things that do not make sense. So not infrequently anxiety disorders will also cause a person suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders because of anxiety that never subsided. Therefore, usually, a psychiatrist will provide trazodone for anxiety medication so that anxiety can be controlled.

Most psychiatrists will generally provide trazodone for anxiety drug therapy because it has been shown to help balance a person’s mood by controlling serotonin levels in the brain. In addition to helping reduce anxiety, regular use of this drug can also overcome sleep disorders or insomnia and increase one’s appetite. Increased appetite is expected to provide additional energy during sleep disturbances. The use of trazodone essentially must be in accordance with the advice of an expert or psychiatrist who handles the anxiety problem. Because the use of irregular drugs or the dismissal of this drug suddenly will increase the feelings of anxiety. It is also not recommended to continue this medication when a person experiences various reactions such as dizziness, weakness, palpitations, allergic reactions, and painful penile erection. Although it is powerful to overcome anxiety, you should still consult a doctor or psychiatrist regarding the procedure for using this drug.

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