The Benefit Of Using Depression Anxiety Stress Test Online

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Depression Anxiety Stress Test Online

In some scientific studies that have been done also proved that anxiety disorders that do not get immediate treatment and have lasted long enough can cause sufferers to have other mental disorders. Where in the world of psychology it is better known as comorbidities or a complication. One of the common comorbidities that often coexist, before or after anxiety disorders is depression. Worse yet most people today still regard depression as a mental disorder that does not need to be addressed either independently or with the help of a therapist. Whereas in fact, depression can also be one of the onsets of the emergence of other mental disorders that may be more severe and dangerous for both patients and people around him. Because it is not uncommon for a person who suffers from anxiety and depression disorders at one and the same time has a desire for greater suicide. Therefore now has available depression anxiety stress test online that you can use to know the existence of anxiety disorder and depression in yourself.

But before discussing depression anxiety stress test online then there are some things you need to know about the relationship between anxiety disorders with depression itself. Basically, anxiety and depression disorders are two different mental disorders. However, in some cases often found the symptoms of depression accompanying anxiety disorders patients. As we know that anxiety disorder is one form of disorder in the soul of a person that causes feelings of fear, anxiety or excessive worry that something bad will happen to him both in the present and in the future. Patients with anxiety disorders in general still have a lot of energy, it’s just that he is dominated by unreasonable exaggerated negative thoughts. While someone who is suffering from depressive disorder tends to have no energy even seem hopeless to their own lives. Therefore it can be concluded that someone who initially experiences anxiety is likely to experience depression because of a sense of helplessness that arises from the fear of excess.

Therefore now available depression anxiety stress test online that you can use for free to know the level of anxiety and depression within you. In addition to measuring both of these, this test can also know the stress level of yourself. So you can have better control of yourself. The test uses a guide known as The Depression Anxiety and Stress Test Scale or DASS-21. Where the test presented in the form of questionnaires which are divided into three scales with seven questions each describing depression, anxiety, and stress. You need to know that basically, the level of stress in the self is not always a negative thing or a bad sign that you will experience depression or anxiety disorders.

Because stress itself is divided into two basic types of eustress and distress. Eustress is one of the positive responses a person will get when getting a stressor for example by solving a problem. Stress can be a problem and the beginning of a depression or anxiety disorder if the resulting response is more inclined towards the distress. Because instead of solving the problem, people with distress will be protracted to drown in the problem without being able to find the right solution. Therefore this test is very useful for you as one of the material self-reflection in order to have good mental health.

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