Side Effect Of Topamax For Anxiety And Migraine Uses

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topamax for anxiety

In this lovely day we are going to explain something the thing is what are the long-term side effects of topamax. In the next few second you will get a short information about what are the long-term, side effects of Topamax. Hopefully it will help you. Here’s the explanation about what are the long-term side effects of topamax, serious side effects of topamax are mood changes such as aggression, agitation, apathy and depression, loss of appetite, weight loss stomach pain fever chills or sore throat, reduced sensation or perception, irritated or bleeding gums. Now we will give you 20 seconds to read again the explanation by yourself so you can absorb this information please take your time,you,hi that’s all of the explanation if you find this helpful.

Effect of Topamax

  1. Mood changes such as aggression, agitation, apathy, and depression

  2. Loss of appetite

  3. Weight loss

  4. Stomach pain

  5. Fever, chills or sore throat

  6. Reduced sensation or perception

  7. Red, irritated, or bleeding gums

That  is the effect of Topamax on anxiety. That te drug will give you long term side effect that make you worse. And remember the song of the verve when you feel to take that drug or any other drug. Song name is the drug don’t work.

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