Several Pressure Points For Anxiety

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Pressure Points For Anxiety

In the course of daily activities, almost everyone must have felt fear and anxiety. Because the various situations that tense and scary to be one natural stimulus that causes our body responds in the form of anxiety or fear. It is certainly very natural experienced by everyone from various age groups. So in normal circumstances, we will usually avoid situations that make the anxiety may appear such as being alone in a large room, appear in public, or face a frightening animal. As we know that when anxiety attacks there will be some physical symptoms that also accompany. For example when we have to perform in public then usually we will feel anxious and nervous followed by heart palpitations, breathing like a hunter, stomach pains, and others. Where the overall symptoms will disappear by itself when anxiety also begins to subside. But for someone who suffers from anxiety disorders, the physical symptoms are often felt because of anxiety that continues to exist. Therefore, various ways of treatment will certainly be taken to reduce or control the high anxiety. So this article will be explained about some pressure points for anxiety as one way to reduce anxiety and easy to do whenever and wherever.

The first easy pressure points for anxiety that you should know named with TW 15 which stands for Triple Warmer 15. Emphasizing at this point will help you overcome the nerves and palpitations felt as a result of the appearance of anxiety that is too high. This acupressure point is also known by the name of heavenly rejuvenation because it can provide a feeling of comfort and relaxation sufficient to overcome the anxiety that began to emerge. This point is precisely located on both sides of your shoulders that is precisely between the base of the neck and outside the shoulder. The way to activate this pressure point is also very easy to try. Where you are enough to press both sides of your shoulders by bending your fingers. While supplying the caps on both eyes and perform basic breathing techniques to add a relaxing effect. Regular emphasis on this section will help your body to relax, increase body resistance against colds and colds and help reduce neck pain and nervous tension.

Next pressure points for anxiety is often referred to as B10 which stands for Blader 10. Providing regular pressure on this part will provide an immediate anxiety-reduction effect in the early stages of application. Therefore this point also has another name known as the heavenly pillar. This point lies in the one finger below the base of the skull on the protruding muscle that appears outside the spine. To emphasize this part, just bend your fingers and put pressure as strong as possible through your fingertips while closing your eyes and taking a long, slow breath. Then another acupressure point you can try is known as H7 which stands for Heart 7. Doing regular emphasis on this part will provide a perceived benefit to reduce anxiety and rapid heartbeat. This point can be found on the wrist folds precisely at the side of the little finger where this point is also commonly referred to as the gate of the spirit. To feel the benefits you simply press this point using the middle finger for 1 minute while performing breathing relaxation techniques.


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