Anxiety Treatment Medication

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Anxiety Treatment Medication

Several Methods Of Anxiety Treatment Medication You Should Try

As we know that anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental disorders that many people are experiencing today. In a study found that as many as 41% of the adult population in North America experience this anxiety disorder. In addition, as many as 200,000 adults in Hong Kong are also affected by anxiety disorders. Indeed, in fact, the anxiety disorder is also caused by environmental factors. The increasing number of human population will affect the human interaction itself and become more complicated than before. Whereas we know that in the interaction process there are various aspects such as judgment, criticism and also the response of others to ourselves. It is one of the reasons why a person may experience an anxiety disorder. Because people with anxiety disorders often have a very big fear that is accompanied by unreasonable thinking. Such as the fear of not being accepted by the environment, the fear of being criticized and being treated badly by others. In addition, the rapid development of the era will also make the demands of one’s life is increasing. As a result, a person will feel anxious because of a sense of mistrust to solve all kinds of demands. Therefore no wonder if these time anxiety disorders become one of the most common mental disorders suffered. So this article will be discussed about several methods of anxiety treatment medication that is proven to reduce the symptoms of anxiety in a person.

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As we know that anxiety disorder is one of the mental disorders accompanied by various physical symptoms that can cause a sense of discomfort. Physical symptoms are often perceived that the sweat out in large quantities accompanied by heart palpitations. It will usually always arise when an anxiety disorder patient is forced to be in the middle of a crowd or confronted by something scary. In addition, feelings of wanting to faint like dizziness, weakness, and blurred vision are also often felt. So not infrequently someone with anxiety disorders easily faint or unconscious when in a situation that makes him feel anxious. To overcome the various physical symptoms that appear now available several methods of anxiety treatment medication that can be utilized. The first method usually used by psychiatrists is treatment with the help of drugs. Where anti-depressant drugs usually go into the SSRI class become the main choice. Because the drug has a primary function to prevent the brain from re-absorption of serotonin levels. Serotonin itself is a chemical compound that has a major function to regulate mood.

In addition to using various types of anti-depressant drugs as one of the anxiety treatment medication, for other alternative treatments and much safer without side effects, you can take advantage of various herbs. Spices proved powerful to provide comfort and relaxation. One of the recommended herbs is ginger. The content of compounds in a powerful ginger to warm the body into one stimulus that triggers the emergence of feelings of calm within. Furthermore, to speed up the healing process of anxiety disorder you feel then cognitive therapy can try you to do together with a psychiatrist who handles you. The main purpose of the application of cognitive behavioral therapy is to eliminate a variety of negative and unreasonable perceptions as one stimulus trigger excessive anxiety. In the course of this therapy, you will be guided by a psychiatrist or psychologist to jointly eliminate the various negative perceptions that are within you. In addition, you will also be taught relaxation techniques that can be done anytime and anywhere or when anxiety begins to reappear. Although there are many things you can do to heal anxiety, a strong commitment remains the key to your recovery.


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