Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adult

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Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adult

Symptoms Of Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adult

Parents and children are a valuable relationship owned by almost every human being in the world. The connection between parent and child is an intimate and natural thing if there is a sense of ‘dependence’ between the child to parents or the desire of parents for their children are always present at his side. But it can be dangerous if it has crossed certain boundaries, then known as Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a disorder that is usually found in children to be very difficult to separate from their parents because of loss of important figures in his life. But you know, it can happen also in adults? Here are some symptoms of separation anxiety disorder in adults.

Separation anxiety disorder in adults or also called ASAD is a nuisance to separate from the important figures that depend on them. Of course, it is not healthy, considering that adults should have full responsibility for themselves and when it reaches a certain age, certainly to his partner and his son. So here are some symptoms of ASAD that you should know and immediately see a doctor if you or your nearest have it. The first is too spoiled or dependent on others. Then, people who have Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder will usually find it difficult to get away from home. And also will experience anxiety and excessive stress if the person he loves is outside the city or away from it. Even to the point of experiencing panic attacks, crying, or can also experience an excessive emotional attitude.

In addition, ASAD sufferers also usually have an excessive worry about anything related to the person he cares for, whether it’s health, safety, or just a meal or a person beforehand. And also the symptoms of separation anxiety disorder in adult is usually accompanied by a headache, nausea, or stomachache that attacks the patient. So the stress is increased and will be very difficult to control it.

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