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Define Anxiety

         In this era of all sophisticated and modern is accompanied by rapid development in some sectors of life there are still many people who do not realize that psychiatric disorders become one of the increasingly widespread diseases found. Most people think that mental disorder is a strange phenomenon if it occurs in modern times. Because of the growing assumption that the ease that is available today due to rapid technological developments it will make person’s life becomes easier and simpler because various types of services or facilities can be used to help run daily activities. Such as two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels that facilitate the mobility of a person wherein the ancient times it does not exist. Then the sophistication in terms of technology that facilitates the communication process with the availability of smartphones. But it turns out not everyone can enjoy the positive impact of the rapid development of the era. For some people, the development is actually increasingly adding to the demands and obligations that must be met every day. Not to mention when the need for material is so demanding that the basic needs of every day are always fulfilled. Someone who develops a persistent negative perspective on the fact is very susceptible to psychiatric disorders, one of which is an anxiety disorder. In fact, in some developed and developing countries anxiety disorders are found in most adult populations in the country. Therefore it is very important for you to know the right mindset to define anxiety so you can be wary of this disorder by doing better self-control.

Actually enforcing proper define anxiety is not difficult because basically anxiety disorder is a very easy mental disorder to observe when anxiety is felt over time for months. Where you can not know exactly what causes the anxiety often appears. Although there have been many studies conducted there has been no definite cause of this anxiety disorder. So, until now still believed that the anxiety is caused by two factors ie in terms of physiological and environmental factors. In the physiologic factor, it is believed that the excessive anxiety that appears is closely related to one of the chemical compounds in the brain called serotonin. When the need for these compounds is not fulfilled then anxiety will more easily arise because the compound plays an active role in the setting of mood, appetite, and sleep patterns. In addition, the imbalance between dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin compounds is also believed to be one of the things that pioneered this anxiety disorder. In addition to the factors that taste from within humans, it turns out in some studies also proved to be a factor of the environment also play a role. One of them is parenting patterns that are too restrained for children can be the cause of the emergence of excessive anxiety.

After knowing the basic understanding and easy way in define anxiety then the next thing you should know is the anxiety disorder itself has several types or types based on things that cause the emergence of anxiety within a person. Where basically the physical symptoms are felt the same as generalized anxiety disorder but the behavior that arises as a result of the perceived disorder may vary in each person who is also closely related to the type of anxiety disorder experienced. The first disorder is called generalized anxiety disorder or commonly abbreviated as GAD. In normal circumstances, the emotions that exist in the human self is one form of the body’s natural response in accordance with the existing stimulus in this situation the surrounding environment acts as a stimulus. Anxiety itself is one of the basic forms of human emotions. But a person with a generalized anxiety disorder cannot control the anxiety that is in him. Because anxiety can always be felt all the time or appear in unexpected moments. Basically, someone with this anxiety disorder can be said to positively experience GAD if anxiety arises for at least six months. The anxiety that people feel with generalized anxiety disorder is usually accompanied by feelings of fear or excessive worry. Therefore it takes expert handling such as help from a psychologist or psychiatrist to cure this disorder.

Subsequent anxiety disorders that you need to know to get a correct understanding of define anxiety commonly referred to as panic disorder or panic attack. In general, a person with this disorder will not be aware if he has an anxiety disorder. Because most people consider that the panic attack is a heart attack because it’s physical symptoms caused resembling a heart attack. A person suffering from this disorder will not always feel the anxiety that arises throughout the day. However, a person with panic attacks is very vulnerable to negative stimuli that make him stress. At the time of panic attack appears usually sufferers will experience some physical symptoms such as sudden fast heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, chest pain, and headaches. Even when the panic attack is severe enough it is easier for someone to faint. One of the main differences of this disorder with the heart attack is the absence of pervasive pain. Because the heart attack chest pain focuses on the left side like feeling depressed heavy or bonded loads that spread to the neck, jaw, and shoulders on the left side. Subsequent anxiety disorders that may also be foreign to you are commonly known as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Where a person who experiences this disorder will perform one particular activity repeatedly. And when the activity is not done repeatedly then he will feel anxious. Like for example someone who always arranges the layout of objects like a pencil repeatedly even more than five times at a time.

In addition to the disorder, the phobia or excessive fear of certain things also belong to the type of anxiety disorders, especially social phobia disorders. Basically feeling nervous when meeting other people for the first time or feeling anxious when in a crowd is a natural thing. Social phobia disorder is basically a feeling of fear or anxiety excessive when it must be in a crowded situation. These feelings arise because some unreasonable beliefs such as getting a bad judgment from others, getting mistreated by others, will embarrass themselves, or feel excluded by the people around them. These beliefs have an impact on the emergence of excessive and uncontrollable anxiety. When anxiety attacks, it is very easy to observe where someone is reluctant to make eye contact while speaking, stiff body language, trembling body, excessive sweating, and always choose to be alone. Therefore, this disorder needs to get handled because if left unchecked could have a bad impact on the side of social interaction. To get a better understanding of define anxiety then there is one more anxiety disorder called post-traumatic stress disorder. Excessive anxiety in this disorder usually arises because someone previously experienced a terrible event such as natural disasters, accidents, violence, and others. So no wonder if people with this disorder are often found in war veterans, victims of natural disasters, victims of violence, and others. So this article hopefully can provide useful information for you.


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