Lithium For Anxiety

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lithium for anxiety

I’m going to be looking at where the lithium can help anxiety. So what is it, well it’s a naturally occurring metal and you might have run into it in highschool experiments where you drop some into the water and it rapidly fizzes around and it’s the same stuff, our body needs a very small amount of it to stay healthy

But to be honest, it’s not that important being lithium deficient won’t cause any physical health problems though it may affect your mood and increase your risk of suicide. In fact it’s these factors that make lithium in the form of lithium, salts a key part of treating bipolar, depression because it can help reduce the mood swings and give you more of a normal feeling in between the swings.

But can it help with anxiety, well that depends on how lifting works. Wooden fairy is that it helps increase the amount of serotonin that our body produces. If so this means that it works in a similar way to the antidepressant SSRIs which are also known to help anxiety. So in that sense it could help however this competing theories.

Another theory suggests that lithium helps us regulate our dopamine and our glutamate, which are two other chemicals. The body needs to synthesize, if so that wouldn’t really help anxiety but it would explain why it helps bipolar disorder. So does lithium help anxiety, well we don’t really know because we don’t know exactly how lithium helps in bipolar disorder. Once we understand that we will know where it helps anxiety or not, however given the long list of side effects and there are a lot and some of them are quite severe at the current time. It doesn’t make sense to treat anxiety with lithium because it may or may not help but it definitely does have side effects.

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