How To Use Neurontin For Anxiety

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Neurontin For Anxiety

Probably not many realize that anxiety disorders are one of the abnormal mental conditions that can experience by everyone of all ages and backgrounds. Because one of the factors that increase the risk a person can experience this disorder comes from within a person itself. Where these factors are named as physiological factors that proved to be dominated by the lack of absorption of serotonin chemical compounds in the body and because of an imbalance between dopamine compounds, norepinephrine, and serotonin itself. In addition to some studies mentioned that anxiety disorders can be genetically inherited. So that anxiety disorders can be experienced since from childhood. Therefore anxiety disorder is something very serious and requires special handling. Although not many realize the anxiety that appears on an ongoing basis will have a bad impact on one’s health. Therefore, the use of antidepressant drugs is often used to make it easier for someone to control the anxiety that arises. One is the use of Neurontin for anxiety.

But before discussing the efficacy of the use of Neurontin for anxiety it is better if you understand the various health risks that will arise if the anxiety is not handled properly. The initial impact that you will feel from anxiety that appears continuously is the tension in the muscle or often known as the neck stiff term. Muscle tension on the shoulders and neck will cause a person susceptible to dizziness, headache or a migraine. Obviously, it will interfere with you in carrying out daily activities. The more serious secondary impact is the dominant anxiety that will trigger the body to produce stress hormones that will automatically increase our body’s energy in the form of blood sugar. Surely it will increase a person’s risk of diabetes. Excessive anxiety is also very likely to affect our nervous system because when anxiety arises the body will automatically also produce hormones that trigger stress. High levels of stress in a person will aggravate the body’s metabolic system and the formation of immunity in the central nervous system. So that a person will be more susceptible to various diseases and takes longer to recover. The anxiety that is difficult to control also has a bad effect on your heart health. Because when anxiety arises automatically the heart will beat faster where the fastest beat can damage the blood vessels. So someone more at risk of epilepsy, stroke, high blood pressure, and others.

Therefore some experts will suggest the majority of anxiety disorders sufferers to use antidepressant medications such as Neurontin for anxiety that are proven to help a person in controlling their perceived mood. Neurontin itself is one of the brands of gabapentin currently produced by Parke Davis, a subsidiary of Pfizer. Neurontin content itself has a chemical compound formulation similar to GABA or gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. Basically, the use of Neurontin itself as one of the more effective anticonvulsant drugs used to treat epilepsy disorders. But in some cases, Neurontin proved able to overcome various kinds of psychosomatic symptoms arising from anxiety disorders. The symptoms that can usually be overcome by the use of this drug include hypertension, excessive worries, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, panic attacks, sweating, weakness, and agitation. In addition, side effects arising from the use of this drug also can still be tolerated.

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