How To Use Indica Or Sativa For Anxiety

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Indica Or Sativa For Anxiety

Lately, anxiety disorders have turned out to be the most common mental disorders suffered by adults, especially among women. In its development, various factors are known to increase the risk of someone experiencing this disorder. First is the physiological factor which states that anxiety disorders have a close relationship with chemical compounds in the brain called serotonin. Serotonin itself is a major compound that acts as a neurotransmitter to regulate mood, appetite, and sleep patterns. Lack of this compound in the body is believed to be the cause of the appearance of excessive anxiety. In addition, external factors derived from the environment also causes the emergence of anxiety disorders. Where the dominant stress on the type of distress is believed to be one of the triggers of anxiety disorders because a person will constantly get the pressure inside him. Therefore, with the development in the medical world, now there are already a variety of drugs available to overcome this disorder that generally has unfortunate side effects. Therefore nowadays people with anxiety disorder prefer to use indica or sativa for anxiety.

As we know that marijuana itself is one type of drug that can provide a calming effect and euphoria to the wearer. Basically, indica and sativa are two types of marijuana that have differences in the content of its compounds. In some literature mentioned that the content of CBD and THC compounds in marijuana play an important role to overcome anxiety. CBD compounds alone will provide a calming effect on a person without the euphoria or high and dominant effects found in indica. While the THC compound gives a more dominant euphoria effect than the soothing effects which found in many sativa types. So when your goal to use marijuana to have a good rest in the middle of anxiety then you can use marijuana type indica. While sativa is more suitable for those of you who want to restore the decreasing passion of life due to anxiety disorders. To use marijuana itself you only need to use the lowest dose in units of mg, but must be kept under surveillance by the doctors who handle you. Thus the article about indica or sativa for anxiety is hopefully can provide useful information for you.

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