How To Use Depression Anxiety Stress Test Properly

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Depression Anxiety Stress Test

        Probably not many know that anxiety is one of the basic forms of human emotion. Until now there are many people who think that anxiety is one of the feelings that are less reasonable and difficult to control. Basically, anxiety is the same as other basic human emotions where human beings have some basic essential emotions such as happy, sad, fearful, disgusted, angry, and anxious. So basically anxiety is a basic emotion that will emerge as a response to the stimulus in the form of a situation. In general, anxiety will arise when a person is in an adrenaline-racing situation such as appearing in public, undergoing a specific test, going to a job interview, and so on. Under normal circumstances, anxiety can indeed cause various physical conditions such as abdominal pain, palpitations, excessive sweating, and others. But the physical symptoms will certainly disappear by itself following the anxiety that subsided. But in some cases, this anxiety cannot be lost and hard to control even though the stimulus that triggered anxiety is gone. It is called an anxiety disorder where a person will constantly feel anxious for no apparent reason. Therefore this article will discuss the anxiety disorder itself and its relevance to depression that you can now know as early as possible using depression anxiety stress test.

Basically, anxiety can be regarded as a disturbance or abnormality in human beings when its presence has dominated most of the perceived emotion. A person with an anxiety disorder will constantly feel worried, scared or anxious about things that are not clear but very difficult to control the feelings. Until now there are still many people who underestimate this mental disorder because it is felt will not impact on other aspects of life. Precisely it is inversely related to the fact that there is some research has proven that this disorder is very common in the community. Facts show that as many as 41% of the adult population in North America experience this disorder, then the adult population in Hong Kong is also affected by this disorder that is as many as 200,000 inhabitants. Then in Indonesia, the fact said that almost 2 million cases of anxiety disorders found per year were dominated from the age of 18 years to 60 years. These facts are certainly very huge because the amount obtained is large enough to prove that this disorder is very easy to be experienced by everyone. Therefore currently available the depression anxiety stress test that can be utilized for free to know the potential for anxiety disorders in people as soon as possible.

The disorder itself will generally cause two types of symptoms that are always sensed by the sufferer. The first symptoms of the psychological symptoms include anxiety and excessive worry, difficulty in controlling anxiety, it is difficult to focus on one thing, it’s hard to concentrate, bad mood and always feel tense. Obviously, if we think of the psychological symptoms as mentioned above will cause discomfort to the peace of our souls. So actually an anxiety disorder is not a mental disorder that we can just ignore even though this disorder is still very curable. In addition to feeling a series of symptoms psychologically a person with anxiety disorders will also feel other symptoms of physical symptoms or in the psychological world is called psychosomatic symptoms. Where psychosomatic symptoms itself is a series of conditions or complaints that are felt on a person’s physical but there is no clear source of the cause. These symptoms include nausea, headaches in whole or in part, dizziness, weakness, trembling body, palpitations, diarrhea, and shortness of breath. Even on anxiety disorders that are already severe someone will experience other interconnected disorders such as insomnia or difficulty falling asleep from the difficulty of finding feelings of relaxation because of self-emotion is dominated by anxiety that arises all the time. Therefore you can use depression anxiety stress test in order to prevent this anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders that do not get handled seriously can be an onset or beginning of other mental disorders such as depression. Until now many people do not realize that depression or excessive sadness is regarded as an ordinary emotion. But actually, depression is one of the abnormalities in the mental condition of a person who can bring the urge to harm yourself or others when it is very severe. Basically, depression or commonly called major depressive disorder has different symptoms with anxiety disorders. In anxiety disorders, a person is still said to have energy because anxiety does not affect one’s perspective on the future. But it affects the daily performance and physical health of the body. While someone who is depressed no longer has the energy to perform daily activities because it has a negative perspective of bad things that must happen to him either in the present or in the future. This is what causes a person with depression always feel hopeless, lose self-esteem, loss of interest, and his voice is dominated by negative things. A person may already be said to have a major depressive disorder if those feelings appear constantly for at least two weeks. Therefore it is important for you to immediately use the depression anxiety stress test to know about various mental disorders such as anxiety disorder and depression as soon as possible.

The association between anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder is actually centered on the presence of a perspective or a negative self-view on both disorders. A person who, for example, experiences a panic attack as a form of anxiety disorder and then develops a sense of self-regret when unable to control an anxiety disorder. It affects the emergence of various negative views of yourself such as a bad future or will happen bad things in the near future. So it cultivates feelings of despair and deprives of interest to keep trying to live the life. Therefore, anxiety disorders accompanied by depression and not get immediate treatment will have a very fatal impact for patients. But with the sophistication of technology in the present, you can take advantage of free facilities such as depression anxiety stress test that you can get online through one of the famous websites. On the website, you can find out the level of stress in yourself as well as possible anxiety disorders and major depressive disorders in yourself. The website uses one of the test scales called DASS-21 which contains 21 scales or statements divided into three types. There are seven statements available for each test variable consisting of stress, anxiety, and depression. After completing the whole statement with four choices of answers based on the intensity of the emergence of a condition you will soon get the rating scale. Where the scale of the assessment is divided into several categories ranging from normal, medium, severe, and very severe. Therefore by utilizing these tests, you can measure the possibility of the emergence of anxiety disorders and depression in yourself. In addition, you can also perform better self-control for a better life.

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