The Advantages And Disadvantages Using Gabapentin For Anxiety

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Gabapentin For Anxiety

Basically, every person of all ages must have felt anxious as a form of natural response from the body to the situation around us. Perhaps many people do not realize that the anxiety has begun to be felt since the early childhood, for example in infants. In general, the baby will cry when separated or cannot find a close figure for either mother or father. Crying on the baby is one-way that babies use to express perceived anxiety. Because anxiety feelings in the baby because he felt uncomfortable and unsafe because there is no attachment figure that guards it. While in adults anxiety is very common feeling in certain conditions such as waiting for important announcements, taking certain tests, and others. Anxiety in adults is often expressed as an anxiety in self which followed by physical symptoms such as stomach cramps, palpitations, sweating, and so on. Where in fact it is a very normal condition and the symptoms can be lost along with easing anxiety. Anxiety in adults actually has a good function because it will increase awareness of the environment and improve the focus on certain things. But unfortunately,, the excessive anxiety will actually give a very bad effect for humans both in terms of psychological and physical terms. Therefore this article will discuss the adverse effects of anxiety as well as the use of Gabapentin for anxiety to relieve symptoms of anxiety disorders.

In essence, anxiety can be categorized into one of the mental disorders when its presence is constantly felt and dominates one’s emotions. Under normal circumstances, a person’s emotions will adjust to the surrounding situation that acts as a stimulus. Another case with this anxiety disorder sufferers where the variety of stimulus has no effect anymore on emotional changes perceived. Because anxiety will continue to be present and very difficult to control as a result someone will feel uncomfortable and depressed that cannot focus to run daily activities. In general, a person with an anxiety disorder will show various symptoms such as restless body language, fear of things that should not be feared, difficulty sleeping, shortness of breath, palpitations, chest pain, frequent headaches, decreased appetite, difficulty concentrating, and irritability. Although symptoms can be easily observed by people around the patient this disorder is still considered as an easy thing. If the person with this disorder doesn’t get an immediate response it can be the onset of other more severe mental disorder. Therefore, before discussing the benefits of Gabapentin for anxiety it is better if you know the adverse effects that will be caused by anxiety disorders.

The first most perceived impact is the difficulty to concentrate because the person with the disorder will constantly feel anxious that it is difficult for him to be able to focus on doing something. In addition, excessive anxiety will also cause a person to easily forget things. Where it has been proven in a scientific study that someone with high levels of stress and always feels anxious will decrease brain performance consequently that the brain will be difficult to concentrate. The next impact is an excessive sense of anxiety can lower one’s confidence that can lead to fatal loss of self-esteem confidence. One of the main problems often experienced by people with anxiety disorders is the feeling of worry and fear to be in the middle of the crowd and doing social interaction with people or the environment. So it seems to make him feel isolated so that over time the confidence decreased. In addition, a person with an anxiety disorder will give a bad judgment of himself as unable to meet basic needs such as interaction, loving fulfillment, and others. In addition to having a negative impact in terms of psychological, anxiety disorders will also have a negative impact on the physical health if left to drag on without expert treatment. The impact on health that can be felt is the decline in the immune system along with the increasing perceived anxiety. In fact, a bad mood in a person will reduce the production of hormones both in the body and slow the performance of the body’s metabolism. As a result, a person will be susceptible to various diseases because the immune system is weak. In addition to the research that has been done found an amazing fact that a person with anxiety disorders chronic increase the risk of heart disease by 30% compared with someone without anxiety disorders. This is because anxiety that always appears will stimulate the heart to beat faster because the heart does not get time off due to the rhythm of the heartbeat that is always not normal. Therefore from now on anxiety disorders cannot be ignored and should get immediate treatment. Where one can use Gabapentin for anxiety.

Perhaps until now still, not many people who know this drug named Gabapentin because it belongs to one of the classes of drugs prohibited without a prescription. Basically, Gabapentin is a class of drugs that belong to the type of anticonvulsant that serves to minimize the risk of seizures. It should be noted that this drug can not cure epilepsy because it works by affecting several nervous systems and chemical compounds in the body that play a role in the emergence of symptoms of seizures and pain. So in fact, this drug is not the main drug to overcome anxiety disorders. So it is not immediately possible to use Gabapentin for anxiety when there is no appearance of symptoms that can be overcome with this drug such as neuropathy pain or pain caused by a nerve disorder. Besides known by the name Gabapentin this drug also has other trademark names such as Alpentin, Gapenal, Epiven, Neurontin, Simtin, Tineuron, Gapasant 300, Opipentin, and Gabexal. So basically this drug will be very useful when consumed by people with anxiety disorders which are accompanied by symptoms of neuropathic pain earlier. But keep in mind that do not ever take this drug if anxiety disorder accompanied by major depressive disorder. In addition, the use of this drug should also follow the recommended advice as recommended by your doctor. Because generally, the dose of this drug will vary each person where generally the dose will increase along with your body’s adaptation to this drug. Because consumption of Gabapentin in high doses will suddenly cause some side effects such as excessive drowsiness, headache, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, shaking, and muscle pain. Therefore make sure you always follow the doctor’s advice to overcome your anxiety disorder.


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