Esophageal Spasms Caused By Anxiety

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esophageal spasms caused by anxiety

Now we will discuss high anxiety symptoms high anxiety at least in my frame and my thinking is and it is an extreme form of anxiety we tend to see that in when we diagnose panic as well as anxiety attacks so if we look at high anxiety being in more severe form of anxiety it can kind of like into all your anxiety symptoms that often times kind of come and go or kind of transient tend economy emerge all at one time in the system what are some of those symptoms well certainly when we look at anxiety we talk about fear.

There’s a rush kind of a hype hyper sensitivity in the system oftentimes what you see is the esophageal spasms tend to be very fast kind of a racing heart racing ideas skin moisture tend to see a lot of tension in the head, muscle aches, stomach problems, restlessness sleep disorders a sense of doom a sense of wanting to run isolation, in concentration issues and things of that sort as well so when we have this kind of heightened or this kind of high anxiety symptoms it’s almost like all these symptoms kind of merge at one time in the system and produce a very severe or dramatic effect treatment wise is pretty much the same cognitive behavior.

Psychotherapy with or without,medications at that time when you’re,experiencing a high level of anxiety you probably want to learn different breathing techniques, relaxation techniques so you can very quickly bring the symptoms down with a little bit of work and help you can certainly focus on the thinking that drives the anxiety but without some prior training it’s kind of tough to focus on challenging and disputing the thinking at that time we do that mainly in our practice was cognitive behavior psychotherapy. Well I,hope this information,been helpful regarding high anxiety from

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