Daith Piercing For Anxiety

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Daith Piercing For Anxiety

Some Things You Must Know Before Decided To Do Daith Piercing For Anxiety

In general to overcome anxiety disorders a person will choose to treat a trusted expert such as relaxation therapy or psychologist using certain drugs. Although the handling of conventional anxiety disorders in psychiatrists requires patience as well as high persistence, it is still largely chosen. But apparently, for most people who experience anxiety disorders decided not to do therapy to a psychiatrist. It is usually the teenagers who avoid anxiety therapy with a psychiatrist for fear of getting a social label as someone with a mental disorder. It is unfortunate indeed in the era of all sophisticated and advanced there are still many people who consider self-therapy with a psychiatrist only for people with severe psychiatric disorders. Though relaxation therapy, for example, can help someone to be more focused on running daily activities. Because of this, now appears a new trend called daith piercing for anxiety which is generally done by teenagers who experience anxiety disorders. Because ear piercing for most people felt able to reduce the symptoms that arise from anxiety as well as useful as one of today’s fashion trends teenagers. So this article will be discussed about some things you should know before deciding to try this trend in order to relieve your anxiety.

Daith piercing for anxiety is one type of piercing applied to the inner ear folds. This piercing trick arises because it is inspired by acupuncture therapy that is considered capable of providing a sensation of relaxation. As we know that acupuncture therapy is basically a therapy that uses the medium of small needles pierced on certain parts of the body to put pressure on the important nerves in the body. For example, acupuncture needle on the ear is usually intended to put pressure on the vagus nerve that centered on the lower part of the brain to spread throughout the body. The pressure on the vagus is proven to help overcome depression and reduce the risk of epilepsy. In addition, the pressure on the nerves is also proven to overcome a headache which is one of the symptoms that will arise from anxiety disorders. Therefore, the ear piercing trend on that part is enabled to help reduce a headache that appears. Although there is no scientific research that proves the truth and safety of this trend.

Although daith piercing for anxiety has become one of its own trends to overcome the symptoms arising from anxiety disorders, there are some things you need to know and consider before applying this way. First, you need to know that the healing period after ear piercing can take a long time that is about four months to a year where the wounds former piercings will be completely dry and close. During the healing period then you should really know the right way to keep the piercings area in order to remain sterile so that it is free from serious infections. In addition, you need to understand that piercings on the inside of the ear proved to overcome a headache that arises as one form of anxiety disorders. So if you do not feel the symptoms of a headache so piercings on the ear feels no significant function to overcome your anxiety. The last thing you should note is that this cannot be done if you have some other health conditions such as diabetes, hemophilia, autoimmune, and others. So consultation with experts is something you should do before applying this way to overcome your anxiety.

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