The Benefits Using Celexa For Anxiety

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Celexa For Anxiety

Basically, someone who feels anxious about a particular situation is a natural thing because anxiety itself is one of the basic emotions that are essentially owned by every human being. Anxiety will automatically appear in accordance with the current stimulus in the environment. Anxiety is also often manifested in the form of nervousness or worry. Some situations such as going to a job interview, appearing in front of a crowd, trying to run a test, and others can cause anxiety. In some people, anxiety is not accompanied by physical changes but most others feel some conditions such as shaking, palpitations, and sweating when feeling anxious. It is a natural thing because these physical conditions will disappear as the feeling of anxiety diminishes. Yet another case with anxiety disorder sufferers. Where anxiety will be felt continuously without being controlled. One of the most difficult things about this disorder is to find the exact cause of the exaggerated anxiety. Most anxiety disorders need the help of experts such as psychologists and psychiatrists to be able to identify the main things that cause anxiety. Because in most cases a person begins to complain of anxiety or fear of being overwhelmed when knowing the death of the nearest person, but not necessarily it causes anxiety. Therefore, to help control the anxiety psychiatrists will usually prescribe drugs such as Celexa for anxiety.

Before knowing the usefulness of Celexa for anxiety in controlling the disorder, it’s good if you know some things that can trigger the development of anxiety disorders in a person. The first thing that turned out to cause the emergence of anxiety in the person is too much caffeine consumption. Perhaps most people already know that caffeine is a substance that can trigger a person to be more alert and increase body energy. Therefore, many people who make coffee or the daily routine activities that cannot be abandoned. Yet in some studies, it has been proved that excessive consumption of caffeine can increase the risk of anxiety in the person. In addition to consuming too much caffeine, an unhealthy lifestyle can also increase the risk of anxiety disorders appearing one of them is lack of drinking. Based on research conducted by the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory found the fact that someone who is often dehydrated or not consuming enough fluid is more difficult to ward off mental disorders and more difficult in the conduct of good self-control. Because it is found that fluid in the body also has an important role in the mood and cognitive settings in carrying out daily activities. Furthermore, Tufts University conducts research on athletes lacking fluids. The results show that these athletes have difficulty in controlling the emotions consequently the athletes are more easily feel tense, anxious, angry, and confused.
The next thing that can trigger the emergence of excessive anxiety in a person is the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is indeed one of the most preferred types of drinks especially by someone living in a country with a cold climate like in a western country. Because consuming alcoholic drinks can cause the same warm effect as when you consume ginger. But it turns out in some studies to have found that most patients who experience anxiety disorder are also closely related to excessive alcohol consumption. Actually, consume alcoholic drinks with the right doses can indeed give effect to tranquility. But unfortunately, alcohol is included in one of the drinks that cause addiction so many people find it difficult to regulate the amount of alcohol consumed. In addition to unhealthy lifestyles, there are other health conditions such as thyroid disease that can also trigger the occurrence of anxiety disorders in a person. Therefore most of today’s psychiatrists always prescribe the use of various types of drugs one of which is Celexa for anxiety to help a person control the perceived anxiety. In addition to the general handling of anxiety disorders patients also still need the help of psychologists to perform various therapies and improvements in the cognitive side of a person. Where the whole process remains under the supervision of a specialist.

The usefulness of Celexa for anxiety itself cannot actually be used in any type of anxiety disorder whereas we know that the anxiety disorder is divided into several types according to the type of anxiety experienced. Celexa itself is one type of drug belonging to the SSRI or commonly referred to as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor which is used to overcome obsessive-compulsive stress disorder. In addition, this drug is usually also used in patients who suffer from major depressive disorders. Therefore, doctors may recommend the use of this drug if an anxiety disorder that you experience along with the symptoms of depression. Celexa itself is one drug that has a primary focus to balance the levels of serotonin compounds in the brain. Where serotonin is currently believed to be one of the chemical compounds that play a role in the setting of mood, sleep patterns, and appetite. As usual in the early use of this medicine, the doctor will recommend the lowest dose as one of the stages of your body adaptation to this drug. After one week your doctor will usually increase the dose because to get maximum results you should consume this drug for at least two months. Although there is a process of adaptation to this drug, still there is a possibility you can still feel various side effects. Normal side effects of this drug include nausea, easy drowsiness, difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, nasal congestion, sneezing, decreased sex drive, and others. Therefore, always consult your physical and psychological condition to the doctor during the consumption of this drug.

In addition to taking drugs such as Celexa for anxiety, there are several natural ways that you can apply as a new routine to overcome anxiety disorders. The first thing you can do is to exercise lightly every day either morning or evening. Exercise can trigger your body to produce hormones that trigger the emergence of happy emotions inside. So that way you can begin to control the feeling of anxiety that is felt. In addition to using aromatherapy in some rooms in your homes such as a bedroom or bathroom can help you to create an atmosphere of relaxation. So you can forget for a moment the anxiety that always appears. But still, understand that the only thing that can cure anxiety disorders is an internal commitment to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually.


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