How To Overcome Anxiety with Catholic Prayers Anxiety

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Catholic Prayers Anxiety

Commonly we feel excessive anxiety when we are hit by problems or the amount of pressure we receive in our lives. All that even to the point where making us stress and even experience mental disorders. Mental disorders are not crazy, but commonly known as anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks itself is an anxiety feeling that is experienced continuously every day for long periods, usually occurs for at least 6 months. And that affects many things, including insomnia to a lack of appetite that results in malnutrition. Many things can be done to overcome them, one of them is using drugs and special treatment performed by psychiatrists or psychologists. However, it will not be useful if we do not believe in God. Because basically, He is the All-Being, including your mental health. And He has also sent down some prayers about anxiety so that man should not be afraid because He is with us all and we can know that from Catholic prayers anxiety.

How can we be sure we can overcome anxiety? Be assured of Him. Because He is the Master of all kinds of things that exist in our world. Get close to Him, pray to Him every time. Do not pray to Him only when anxiety is over, pray when you are going to take a shower, pray as you will bathe, pray as you travel. Do not forget Him for a moment, surely all your anxieties will be lost. As in verse Pslam 56: 3 “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you” where when David is defeated by Philistines in Gath, he does not panic, he believes in God that He will save him. We, as His people, should not be afraid. Believe in the Power, that He will save you today until later in the day. Therefore, never hesitate to surrender all feelings of anxiety only to God because only God has the power of ourselves to eliminate that anxiety as one of the best ways of Catholic prayers anxiety.

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