Can’t Sleep Due To Anxiety

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can't sleep due to anxiety

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and wonder. If you don’t have similarly sleepless friends that might be up for a game of boggle I know, I do, if you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and been unable to fall back to sleep because your mind is racing with all the things you’ve got on your to-do list, you are certainly not alone the middle of the, night sleepless panic cycle is when some of us know all too well but why do we wake up in the first place and suddenly go into panic mode, panic attacks aren’t simply moments of anxiety.

Thinking about that deadline that’s coming up a little faster than you like feeling shaky short of breath or dizzy can be a sign that you’re having a panic attack but they’re also physiological effects to panic attacks including an increased heart rate and vascular reactions that can lead to a tingly sensation panic attacks. Can come on it completely without warning. You can be watching TV and be hit with an array of symptoms including increased heart rate shortness of breath and an acute fear of dying. Our subconscious mind is a big part of the problem after experiencing something traumatic that led you to panic, your subconscious mind can mimic that pattern and send you into panic mode once you’ve removed from the situation and because panic attacks can be brought on at the subconscious level you don’t have to be awake to experience one panic attacks, it can hit when you’re sleeping sometimes,sparked by dreams or nightmares that call back to the same subconscious patterns that bring panic attacks on for,no reason while you’re watching TV.

The psychological and physical reactions the rapid heart rate shortness of breath, dizziness and sweating can combine to wake you up and persist for minutes. This can start a cycle of insomnia you worry, about what will happen if you lose sleep, but can’t sleep so you worry more being, isolated in a dark quiet room ie your bedroom at night doesn’t help alleviate, the sudden stress of waking up in a panic. Dealing with panic attacks isn’t easy but there are some tips and tricks, to breaking the mid night insomnia cycle, experts say that getting out of bed,getting out of your bedroom and doing,something to dispel negative thoughts, until you’re really tired enough to fall,asleep is best do you guys have any,tricks for dealing with those late-night,bouts of sleeplessness let us know in,the comments below.

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