Can You Die From An Anxiety Attack

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Can You Die From An Anxiety Attack

Today I’m going to talk about the fear of anxiety and panic attacks and how this relates to the fear of dying or dead, so can a panic attack hurt you that’s one of the most common questions people ask me well during a panic attack. Here I’m not try to distinguish between anxiety attack or panic attack. Because if the term is about the attack there is no much difference. The most common fear in my experience is the fear of having a heart attack, the fear of not being able to escape or the fear of dying however what underlines. All these fears is usually the fear of having the panic attack itself.Tthis fear of thought usually occurs at the start of a panic attack and gives the fear its power. This is the most important but nobody has ever died of a panic attack.

Your body is actually trying to save you, rather than kill you. It’s sending all this adrenaline rain your system to help you to run or fight so with all this adrenaline your heart is not going to stop. However because we are not fighting or running away the adrenaline has nowhere to go that’s why we tremble, sweat,  breathe fast enough, heart pumping fast, the feeling of dying is  your mind playing tricks on you to try and protect you. It’s trying to fool you into believing that where you are is unsafe and you need to remove yourself from the situation. It can be really difficult to think of the exact thoughts which are running through your mind when you’re having a panic attack so it’s important to have a piece of paper with you. Write down exactly what you’re thinking when you panic although you may think you know what you’re thinking the actual terror thoughts might actually be something you’re not aware of.

The panic reaction is a defense mechanism against a really dangerous situation such as being attacked in some way when we develop all these phobias there isn’t actually any threat at all but it feels exactly the same as if we’re being attacked total fear this whole process, makes the sufferer so scared inside. They often feel like they’re going to explode, with fear there is this overwhelming feeling that fear is going to consume them and that something awful is going to happen of course it never does. This impending doom can lead to the person feeling they have all sorts of things wrong with them such as multiple, sclerosis, heart attack, stroke brain hemorrhage, brain tumor, heart condition going crazy,or cancer. It’s a fact that everybody has to die sometime. On average around 2,000  people die every day in the UK with around 200,000 dying in the world as a whole. You can die anywhere on the lavatory, watching TV,  singing in the shower or walking the dog statistically you’re much more likely to die in your sleep, but it’s not impossible you would die during a panic panic attack. The point being made is that it would only be a coincidence if you want to know the biggest killer it’s smoking, more people die of smoking related diseases than anything else so acknowledge this fact and believe it. Nobody is ever died of a panic attack. A anxiety attack or panic attack will not kill you, it only makes you feel like you’re going to die.

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