How To Calming Anxiety Attack

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How To Calming Anxiety Attack

How can I calm myself down, how can I stop a panic attack when one starts to rise you know. I feel like I’m going to lose it I feel like gonna pop or lose control how can I calm myself down, this technique we’re going to talk about today involves breathing and muscle tensity and relaxing and this was my go-to favorite technique when I was suffering from panic attacks I used to,get panic attacks on airplanes stuck in traffic on buses or trains elevators, anytime I felt stuck I couldn’t escape, physically I’d also get them in many social situations, public speaking baiting talking to a boss or superior police officer things, like that people get them in all sorts of situations.

I’m sure you have some what we’re going to talk about today can be applied in any situation for anyone, it will calm you down in any situation, so what you’re going to do is when you really are just starting to feel super anxious and like you’re going to lose it, you’re going to take a deep breath in, through your mouth really fill your lungs up and hold it and while you’re holding your breath you’re going to tense every single muscle in your body, from your toes through your legs up your midsection your neck your face pan, squeeze everything 5 to 10 seconds as hard as you can while you’re holding your breath in and then, going to relax every muscle in your body. At the same time and slowly exhale. You will be amazed at the wave of just tension and fear and stress that just leaves your body immediately.

Now what we’re doing with this is tapping into our body’s parasympathetic nervous system. Think of it as a built-in relaxation system that all of our bodies have like our body knows how to make its own valium it’s a way to calm yourself down without having to rely on medication or having to go to a doctor, this can be used anywhere. I’ve used in so many situations waiting to introduce myself to a group full of like a roomful of 30 colleagues and a training session, you know I do my breathing techniques to calm myself down before I had to speak to the group. I’ve done it on dozens of flights throughout the years dating situations I’ve done it stuck in traffic trains buses you name it. It really does work so again you’re going to take the deep breath in hold it tense every muscle and then relax as you slowly exhale now even when I was having bad panic attacks I found at doing this just once was enough for me to calm myself down and know I wasn’t going to lose control or have a panic attack or freak out.

You may find if you still feel anxious after you do this once do it again you know do it every one or two minutes and I think you know if you just keep after it no matter how anxious, you’re feeling it will go away like I said once was enough for me even when I was really really really bad.

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