Bible Verse About Anxiety

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Bible Verse About Anxiety

 Bible Verse About Anxiety To Calm Your Anxious Mind

For most people who suffer from anxiety disorders, having a clear mind and focus is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Because people with anxiety disorders will feel constantly worried about something that is not clear. So not infrequently people with anxiety disorders get a very negative judgment of the people around him. Because in general, excessive anxiety can be very clearly seen and observed by others. Where usually people who suffer from an anxiety disorder is afraid to be in the middle of the crowd, prefer to be alone, often daydreaming, has stiff body gesture, and cannot focus when spoken to. Therefore not infrequently people who experience anxiety disorders easily experience other mental disorders such as depression. So one of the most proven ways to overcome negative thoughts and anxiety that keep coming up is to return to the spiritual way.

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Therefore this article will discuss the bible verse about anxiety that can help you to give peace to yourself. One verse that very clearly illustrates this anxiety is found in Matthew 3. Where in it can be concluded that anxiety is one feeling that is futile if always lived and felt constantly. It is written in it and it is explained that the anxiety that is felt in the human being is just a waste of time for something that is actually established by God. So humans no longer need to feel anxious about his life like how to survive, how to be successful, and others. For the answer to all the anxieties and questions in man is simply to submit to God. Because God has written down the life plan of everyone where all the trials or obstacles can be solved. Therefore when the anxiety and fear are very disturbing then submit ourselves and surrender to the will of God, because God will always provide protection to ourselves, it is according to the bible verse about anxiety.

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