Best Weed For Anxiety

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Best Weed For Anxiety

Best Weed For Anxiety That You Can Try

Anxiety is one of the most commonly experienced by everyone of all ages. Because anxiety is one form of the body’s response to certain situations such as situations that make a person becomes nervous or a scary situation. It can not be denied if the appearance of anxiety is often accompanied by some physical symptoms such as abdominal cramps, cold sweat, dizziness, weakness, and palpitations. Normally the overall physical complaints that are felt will disappear when anxiety begins to diminish due to the change of situation. But it turns out anxiety can also be a serious disorder when its appearance dominates in human beings. So in the world of psychology, the problem is known as anxiety disorder wherein the development of anxiety disorders experienced expansion to have their own types depending on the type and trigger anxiety. The following types of anxiety disorders commonly experienced include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, phobic disorder, major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD). In general, all types of anxiety disorders involve cognitive therapy and drug therapy in the treatment. But today there are some countries that use weed to ease the anxiety that arises. Therefore this article will discuss the best weed for anxiety that you can try.

The use of weed to treat anxiety disorders is currently applied to some mental clinics in Canada. This is because some basic research does mention that the content of dominant compounds in weed able to control the feeling of anxiety if used at the right dose. However, until now the use of weed to overcome mental disorders is still prohibited its use in most countries in Asia. Because weed is still categorized as one type of illicit drugs that enter the narcotics class that endanger health. One of the dominant compounds contained by weed is CBD which believed to be able to control the anxiety and also the mood of a person because it works directly on the serotonin receptors in the brain. In addition, the compound THC content that is also dominant in weeds can provide psychoactive effects for most people so it can provide a sedative effect. Yet even so both compounds both THC and CBD have different effects on everyone. There is currently some kind of best weed for anxiety that you can try in the right dosage as your doctor recommends.

The first best weed for anxiety you can try known as White Widow or Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. Where weed becomes the main choice in overcoming anxiety disorder and will give a full high feeling effect on your body. So its use is enough with a very small dose. The second weed you can try is known as Cherry Pie or Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. Use of this type of weed is suitable for those of you who just want to try to use this type of therapy to overcome anxiety. Because it does not cause high feelings or euphoria because it will only provide a calm effect. The third weed that can be used as an alternative is known as Sour OG or hybrid marijuana strain. In addition to Cherry Pie, this type of weed will also only provide a dominant calm effect compared to other effects such as feeling high. So it is suitable for beginners in therapy that utilize weed. Next weed another weed known as Granddaddy Purple or Indica hybrid. Where it will provide other effects of a powerful euphoria effect as well as a sedative. So it is very powerful to eliminate the feeling of anxiety in an instant. Although weed is used to overcome anxiety, you still need to consult a doctor considering weed is one class of psychotropic drugs.

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