Best Mood Stabilizer For Anxiety You Might Try

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Mood Stabilizer For Anxiety
As we know that anxiety disorder is one of the mental disorders that must get handling from the experts. In some literature, it is mentioned that most anxiety disorders caused by physiological factors with additional stimulus from environmental factors around. Physiological factors itself is a trigger factor emergence of this disorder that comes from within a person. The role of a chemical compound called serotonin becomes one of the primary keys a person can experience excessive anxiety. Basically, serotonin itself has a major function that will help control mood, appetite, and also sleep patterns to keep someone balanced. In addition, the combination of chemicals composed of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in the brain will also regulate the balance of our lifestyle. However, disturbances in mood and excessive anxiety arise when the body is unable to produce enough serotonin because it is continually reabsorbed by the brain. Therefore, nowadays a wide range of drugs are available as a mood stabilizer for anxiety to help balance the chemical compounds in the brain.

One therapy that will be given by psychiatrists in overcoming anxiety disorders is to use anti-depressant drugs to overcome the imbalance of serotonin compounds in the brain. Until now, drugs that enter into the type of SSRI or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors become one of the best mood stabilizer for anxiety and become the main choice. This is because the drugs that enter into this class has side effects that can be tolerated by the users and the emergence of side effects only in the early weeks of drug use. Drugs belonging to the type of SSRI have a major function to block the brain from re-absorption of serotonin compounds. So that the compound remains in sufficient quantities to re-adjust the mood. Here are some of the names of the drugs included in the type of SSRI such as Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Paroxetine, Citalopram, and Escitalopram. Where the drugs, in general, will cause side effects such as dizziness, shaking, diarrhea, easy sweating, drowsiness, and others.suddenly.

In addition to using the mood stabilizer for anxiety, there are actually other ways you can do to overcome and cure anxiety disorders. One way is to change your lifestyle to be more organized and healthier. The first way you should try is to exercise regularly. Light exercise such as walking in the park or going to the gym can help your body to produce more hormone endorphins than usual. Where the hormone is proven to bring a feeling of excitement and relaxation so that anxiety can be reduced. Besides avoiding alcohol consumption also proven effective to control your anxiety disorder. Because some substances such as caffeine and alcohol can provide temporary calm but it will aggravate the anxiety that comes after the effects of tranquilizer began to disappear. The last thing you can also try is to keep the content of your daily activities with something fun and stay active. That way you can reduce the anxiety that arises as well as familiarize yourself to live with a healthier pattern.

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