Best Medication For Anxiety And Depression

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Best Medication For Anxiety And Depression

Best Medication For Anxiety And Depression That You Should Try Naturally

One of the main steps that always taken by the people with anxiety and depression disorder is to ignore it. Though in fact ignore the disorder that has been felt for months it will aggravate the disturbance experienced where the symptoms more often appear and potentially disturb the course of daily activities. As we know that the actual anxiety and depression disorders are two different things but have almost the same comorbid symptoms. Anxiety disorder itself is one of the mental disorders where the sufferer will feel great anxiety and dominate his feelings every time. In fact, not infrequently the anxiety is followed by other comorbid disorders such as decreased appetite and difficulty sleeping or insomnia. While depression itself is one of the mental disorders where the sufferer will feel helplessness or incompetence in his life. The sufferer will have a negative thought that something bad will happen to him so that his future is certainly very bad. Therefore, usually, a person with severe depression tends not to have the energy to run their daily activities. Therefore this article will be discussed best medication for anxiety and depression both in terms of pharmacology and natural ingredients to help you overcome both mental disorders.

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The class of drugs belonging to the type of SSRI or Serotonin Selective Reuptake Inhibitors is one of the commonly used drugs to treat anxiety and depression disorders. Because antidepressant drugs that fall into this category have lighter side effects and most can be tolerated by users. In addition, side effects will also appear only in the early weeks of use of this drug as one form of natural body adaptation. Even so, before deciding to use antidepressant medication you should consult with the doctor. In order for the type of drug and the dosage, you use in accordance with the frequency or severity of symptoms of mental disorders that you experience. Here are some types of drugs that are often used to overcome anxiety disorders and also depression include Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Escitalopram, Duloxetine, and Venlafaxine. Although drugs belonging to the SSRI class are the best medications for anxiety and depression, there are some natural ingredients that you can use to help reduce the symptoms of mental disorders that you feel.

Perhaps many still do not know that natural ingredients also become one of the best medications for anxiety and depression that you can try very easily. The first natural ingredient is salmon which is famous as one type of fish with a high content of omega 3. It turns out that omega 3 content is used to control the hormone levels of cortisol in the body as one of the hormones that affect stress in the body. Besides eating asparagus also helps you reduce the symptoms of depression that you feel. Because some studies say that the symptoms of depression experienced by a person related to the lack of folic acid content in the brain. Therefore regular asparagus consumption can help you because the level of folic acid in asparagus is high enough. Furthermore, you can also consume additional vitamins such as vitamin B12 which is one of the trigger vitamins for enhance the serotonin production in the brain. As we know that serotonin deficiency can increase anxiety within. Thus this article hopefully can provide useful information for you


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