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Best Steps Of Anxiety Attack Treatment That You Can Do Easily

When anxiety and fear are so great, one of the thoughts that will cross your mind is that it will put yourself in great danger. This is quite natural because a major anxiety that suddenly appears without a clear stimulus is also followed by a series of physical symptoms similar to a heart attack. Where people who experience this will feel a sudden rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest pain, and cold sweat. So most people who experience this condition consider it as a heart attack whereas if observed it is an anxiety attack. Because basically there is a fundamental difference where the physical symptoms that first begins with the emergence of anxiety that gradually grew bigger. The anxiety that appears is indeed not known the exact cause until now. Because in some studies that have been done, many factors that can cause anxiety attacks is either a factor from within a person or from the outside environment. Therefore in this article will be discussed about some steps that you must do as part of anxiety attack treatment that you can do immediately when anxiety attacks.

This sudden anxiety attack can also be influenced by genetic factors where there are one or several family members who have experienced it. In addition, the experience of scary things such as sexual harassment also increases the likelihood that a person may experience this. Other factors that also play an important role in the emergence of anxiety disorder that is when a person has a vulnerable emotional defenses to stress and other negative things. The first step you can do as anxiety attack treatment is to try to enjoy the anxiety that arises. When anxiety begins to arrive you will feel shocked at the sudden change of feeling, but try to imagine the anxiety as a wave and try to follow the waves. Doing the inner mind struggle to stop the anxiety immediately will only drain your energy and make your body feel tired.

The next step of anxiety attack treatment you have to do is start to perform breathing relaxation techniques and muscles until anxiety and heart rate begin to return to normal. The trick is very easy which is place one of your palms above the chest while the other palm on the diaphragm. Then take a deep breath through the nose and hold for five seconds and then exhale slowly through the mouth. Perform the technique continuously until your heart rate starts to return to normal. To be able to control everyday feelings then do this step regularly every day for ten minutes. Then the last step you can do is to give yourself a suggestion. Reassure yourself that the oncoming anxiety attacks will come to an end with the help of the relaxation technique that you are doing. This is because of the inability to control the anxiety that appears indicates a problem with your emotions. Therefore giving positive suggestions will be helpful. In addition, you can ask the help of friends or family to give smudges as long as anxiety arises. Because the support provided proved to be able to reduce the anxiety that arises.


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