ADHD And Anxiety Medication Combination

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adhd and anxiety medication combination

Please remember that advice from this video is not intended to replace actual psychotherapy. Ok so now let’s talk a little bit about how to treat children with ADHD who also suffer from anxiety as I understand it there are many children with ADHD who suffer from anxiety as well I think in the ballpark of anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of children with ADHD also suffer from anxiety so this is an important population from a pharmacological standpoint. It’s a really challenging population because stimulant medications which are used to treat ADHD can heighten feelings of anxiety and by the same token some of the medications that are used to treat anxiety such as the SSRIs can heighten some of the symptoms, such as inattention and impulsivity that we see in ADHD.

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So medication is a really helpful component of treatment with this population but you really need to have the services of a qualified pediatric psychiatrist who can guide you and tailor the medication to your child’s needs. If the children are I would you know save around at least eight years old and you now and they are fairly bright and verbal you can really make use of cognitive behavioral therapy to help these kids become more aware of their anxiety symptoms and control them. I also use techniques like deep breathing and relaxation and teach the kids to use these at home on their own to combat the anxiety and then again with the parents behavior management is so important it can help reduce ADHD type behaviors and it can also actually help curb feelings of anxiety.

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