Adderall And Anxiety

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 Adderall And Anxiety

Adderall And Anxiety, Is That The Exact Thing To Do

In a time that has grown rapidly as it now brings a form of ease in the world of technology and of course the medical world. Because various types of drugs have been found that provide a positive impact on the healing of chronic diseases that increasingly diverse day. One of them is the discovery of various drugs that are used for various types of mental disorders. Basically, the use of drugs in various mental disorders began to be used when some research proves that the role of the brain which is the chemical compounds in it that increases the likelihood of a person suffering from certain mental disorders. Such as excessive fear disorder or phobia. A person with the disorder is believed having an abnormal activity of the brain structure called the amygdala. Because the amygdala itself is one part of the brain that is responsible for controlling the fear in human beings. In addition to the disorder of excess fear, anxiety disorder is also influenced by one of the chemical compounds that act as neurotransmitters in the brain. These compounds are known by the name serotonin which has the main task to regulate mood, sleep patterns, and appetite. So the lack of serotonin will cause a person unable to manage his own feelings. Therefore, the help of drugs that can improve the performance of compounds or structures of the human brain. One type of mental disorder drug is Adderall which is currently widely used. But it remains a question of whether Adderall and anxiety can work together to reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders that arise.

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Basically, Adderall is one type of medicine to relieve mental disorders where the content consists of two major chemical compounds namely Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine. Where it turns out the two compounds are intended for use with mental disorders ADHD. ADHD itself stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Where the two contents of these compounds serve as a stimulant brain nervous system that works to control chemical compounds that have an important role to control impulse and hyperactive. In general, people with ADHD are dominated by young children who have an inability to focus on certain things. In addition, children who suffer from ADHD disorders will be very hyperactive so that he is always moving and can not stay in a place or under certain conditions. Children with this disorder will find it difficult to find focus or find something they are interested in. So his behavior also tends to be more impulsive which is marked by something explosive. Therefore the use of Adderall is very intended to treat this mental disorder. So basically Adderall and anxiety is not a suitable combination. Perhaps the doctor will recommend the use of this drug if ADHD disorders are also accompanied by symptoms of anxiety disorder.

But you need to understand that basically Adderall and anxiety cannot work together to reduce anxiety disorders alone. In fact, Adderall is one type of drug that is prohibited to be used in some countries. Because Adderall turned out to have a very high opium effect so that the wearer tends to be hard to stop taking this drug. Currently, Adderall itself is widely found used by athletes to help them focus their mind on certain activities, whereas its use has been banned if there is no indication of ADHD because it can provide side effects similar to cocaine. Taking Adderall will lead to an increase in dopamine levels that are too high in the brain. So cause some side effects such as dizziness, anxiety, weight loss, dry mouth, and difficulty sleeping or insomnia. So the use of this drug is very limited because it can only be used if recommended by a specialist.

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